Web Development Course in Siliguri

Web Development Course in Siliguri: Creating an informative website has become a vital need for any business firm. Due to which the demand of web developer is high in this rapidly growing industry. The Web has grown of countless sites, users and application capabilities since 1989 when the first website went live. Web development is a concept that encompasses all the activities involved with websites and web applications. It is a process of making website, be it simple static HTML page or a complex project involving back end coding using languages like PHP and MYSQL.

Why Take Our Web Development Course in Siliguri?

The internet today has become the nerve centre for the global economy and more and more businesses are jumping on the internet today by creating their own presence. The business has never been smoother earlier and those who realize the importance of technology in business they are eager to not only create an identity for themselves on the global platform but also remain ahead of the competition. The increasing number of internet users is creating a greater demand in the field of the study program with web development and SMIIT is the best place to get the necessary training in order to build a productive future as a web developer.

Here in SMIIT's web development course in Siliguri, we teach both the front-end and back-end technologies, with an emphasis on concepts and techniques that transcend any given technology. At the end of the course, students will have to take up an examination to build a website by using the knowledge they have gained during the course.

Applications of Web Development

  • Creating an user-friendly and informative website for a business or product or a community
  • Setting up a secure online shopping website
  • Creating and running a dynamic web-based SAAS application
  • Setting up a forum or a discussion board - community, social projects.
  • Learning backend coding with PHP, MySQL
  • Learning basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Design, Develop and Debug dynamic websites

What You Will Learn in this Course

In this Web Development Course in Siliguri, you will be taught how to create a beautiful, responsive and intuitive websites with the help of PHP, MySql, JAVASCRIPT, Jquery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap.


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a programming language which helps the students to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. It is a widely-used open-source scripting language usually used for developing web-based software applications. There are several things PHP can do. It can generate dynamic page content, can modify system functions as it can create, read, write, delete, and close files on the server. It can collect from data, send and receives cookies, control user access to the website and can encrypt data.

In this Web Development Course in Siliguri, the student will learn PHP for many reasons such as- PHP can smoothly run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. PHP has no compatibility issue as it is supported by all servers used today. PHP is free and supports a wide range of databases. It is easy to learn and runs efficiently on the server-side.


MySql is the most used Database Management System in the globe. It is an open-source management system which has several advantages such as Data Security, Easy to use, On-Demand Scalability, High Performance, Round-the-clock Uptime, Comprehensive Transactional Support, Free to download, etc.


JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the globe. It is used to apply static elements on the website and makes them interactive. Javascript is in the list of must-learn language. By learning Javascripts from some of the finest instructors of SMIIT, students can develop great front-end as well as back-end software using various kinds of Javascript based frameworks like jQuery, Node.JS etc.


It is a javascript library which considerably simplifies JavaScript programming. Jquery is blazing fast, small in size, and full of features. Being small and fast, it is often called as "write less to do more" library. There are several features of Jquery which makes it must learn such as are HTML manipulation, DOM manipulation, DOM element selection, CSS manipulation, Effects and Animations, HTML event methods, AJAX, JSON Parsing, etc.


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a language to build Web pages. It is a coding language which puts contents on a web page and gives it with a structure. By learning HTML with this Web Developing Course in Siliguri, you can turn paragraphs into paragraphs, footers and headlines. There are several advantages to learn HTML and they are easy to use, easy to learn, platform-independent, Hypertext can be added to the text, supported by all browsers, simple to edit, lightweight, etc.


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet programming language used to indicate the browser how to format and style the HTML for a web page. With our Web Development Course in Siliguri, you will be going to learn how to adjust the colour, change the font, how to add a stunning background and many more with the help of CSS. There are several advantages of CSS such as Greater consistency in design, Easier to maintain, Easier to update, lightweight code, search engine optimization benefits, etc.


Bootstrap is a free open source CSS framework. It is made for responsive and mobile-first front end development. Bootstrap 4 is the newest version of which is a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript. It has a lot of improved changes and functions as compared to Bootstrap v3 and some of the changes are tables, forms, grids, dropdowns, navbars, and more. Bootstrap has several advantages like Lightweight, customizable, responsive structures and styles, supports all the browsers and many more.

Benefits of Learning Web Developing

Due to the rising number of businesses and websites coming online, the demand for Web Developers has increased significantly. There are several benefits you will get after taking SMIIT's Web Development Course in Siliguri. The career of a web developer is an exciting one with many opportunities. The learning curve is steep and could sound annoying since the technologies frequently change. However, the career in web developing offers a high scale paying employment with a fast track growth. Hence adequate skills is essential to encounter these challenges proper training, which is where our cost-effective Web Development Program comes in.

  • After the course, you will be handed an authentic certificate that would justify your skills in your respective expertise.
  • This well-structured web Development course of SMIIT will lead you to have a solid foundation in developing which will further help you excel in your career.
  • You will be having hands-on practical training using the latest tools and software.
  • Due to its growing demand, you can end up getting a high paying job.
  • Web Developing is a great skill which helps you to express yourself creatively.
  • Students can also be their own boss by opening their own business