Terms & Conditions

The terms and condition of Siliguri Marina Institute of Information and Technology should be understood and agreed upon once the course booking has been processed. Once the booking form has been signed and submitted the candidate and Institute are bound by an agreement.

Kindly confirm that the details in these terms and conditions on the booking form are complete and accurate before you commit yourself to confirming your course. If the student thinks that there is any mistake, they should make sure to ask 'us' the 'institute' to confirm any changes in writing.


The institute will only confirm enrolments when a 50% deposit is made. It is at the discretion of the Institute to accept payment term agreements. Once a payment has been received the prospective student will receive a receipt and details of the pending balance.

Method of Payment

Fees can only be paid by cheques or in cash and should be deposited in the SMIIT office. All cheques should be payable to the Siliguri Marina Institute of Information and Technology.

Late Application

Provided the course has not been closed for bookings SMIIT may further accept the bookings till the day of commencement of the course.

Confirmation of course booking for all the late applicants would be done by SMIIT via phone or email. If no formal confirmation from SMIIT has been received within 24 hours of the submission of application, it shall be the duty of the applicant to contact SMIIT's office to confirm the status of the booking.

Rescheduling of class by Institute

If a particular class is postponed for reasons for which the Institute is responsible, such as staff illness, SMIIT will ensure that the class is rescheduled and if this is not possible, ensures to add the missed hours on to the remaining course classes.

Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to recognize that other students may require support and assistance. If a student becomes persistently disruptive, SMIIT reserves the right to give a verbal or written warning. Students are encouraged to arrive for classes on time since the late entry to any lecture is not overlooked.

Data Protection

SMIIT endeavors to keep any personal information, divulged by the applicant, confidential. The personal data collected during the admission process will not be given any third party. Personal information will only be used for educational and after getting the consent of the applicant for promotional or marketing purposes.


SMIIT and its employees accept no responsibility for any loss of or damage to personal belongings and property of the student, or for any personal injury to or death of a student occurring on SMIIT's premises, whether by fire, theft, evacuation or by any force measure event. Nor SMIIT is liable for damages for interruption of operation and resulting cancellation of courses due to an event outside our institute's control.

Students are liable for any damage caused to the Institute's premises during or after the class hours.

Right to vary terms & conditions

SMIIT has the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time.